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Difference between organically grown and 100% organic - Everything Organik

Difference between organically grown and 100% organic

January 23, 2019 0 Comments

What are the right questions to ask to know that the produce being sold is actually organic?

One should surely check if the produce is being grown ORGANICALLY or is 100% organic.

The difference is that in organically grown, the methods used are only for the crop from the top whereas in 100% organic, the soil is organically tested and the produce as well so both the soil and the produce is organic certified.

In organic farming, the farmlands should be 3-4 kms away from all sides from any farm or any area where there is a possibility of pesticides and insecticides being used.

Ask people to give you proof of the produce being organic either in the form of an organic certificate or a recent lab test report or else the produce can be questioned for being non-organic. On the packed goods front, one needs to check if they were nitrogen flushed during the packing process. Nitrogen is also a kind of chemical only which increases the shelf life of the produce.

Anoop Varma. CEO Everything Organik

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